Friday, January 28, 2011

Our furbaby who is having FUN - first attempt at posting her flix

Our furbaby, Inu, had lots of fun at last weekend's doggy event, Wags for Wishes.  This was a fundraising event for Make a Wish, and there were many different activities for dogs - you could do activities that your dog had never even tried too!  Since we have been taking dog agility classes for a couple years now, our furbaby, Inu, has improved at jumping over and through hurdles so we wanted to see what other things she might enjoy at this event.  In the picture above, she is waiting to try the luring run.

In this activity the dog runs after a "lure" that is attached to a rope that is set up to entice them to get it - in this lure run, it looked like some fuzzy object. Inu keeps trying to run after the rabbits she sees during her daily walks, so when we said "bunny," she immediately perked up -- like in that movie, "UP," where the dogs perk up when they hear "squirrel!"

Inu is looking at that fuzzy lure and not quite believing, but hoping, that for once, she will be able to run loose after that bunny - although she has gotten away from us a couple time doing just that....but this time, she will be encouraged to chase it!  Now you have to know, that when Inu was 5 months old, we tried one of these lure runs with her, and guess who ended up chasing the bunny?  Not Inu, but ME, trying to show her what she was suppose to do!  So we weren't entirely sure she would do what she was "suppose" to do!!  But look at how Inu is watching the lure? That's a good sign!!

 Boy, did she take off after it when we let her go!!  I used my cell phone to get a flix of her, so hope you can see her in this little video!

She had such fun, doing this 3 times- the second time was her best - 16 seconds!! 
I heard people saying, look at her go, right over those jumps, and she even went right through the tire (hoop)!  Now if we could just get her that excited to do the agility runs -  we are working on that! 
Other activities you could have your dog try were splash dogs and herding.  Inu thought the herding was a little interesting, since you could bark at the sheep, but she didn't want to get near those sheep, so we passed on that...

We also took Inu to watch a dog agility trial last weekend - here are some pictures of the dogs and setups at it.  All the dogs have really nice areas to "lounge" in while they are waiting their turn to run their courses.  You can see some of the tents, dogs, and agility obstacles in these pictures. 

Look at that beautiful blue sky.

That's my shadow!

Inu got bored, since she wasn't entered in any event here, and there were no bunnies to what do you think she decides to do??

Look at her roll in the dry grass! 
I had just given her a bath the night before....

Look at all that grass on Inu!!

Grassy Inu!  Good thing most of it came off when she shook....
But look at what she does when we got home!
Maybe it's time for another bath lol!
What do you think of our grassy furbaby?!

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