Thursday, September 6, 2012

What is the Illuminate Glimmer Watermark stamping pad

This is a new Stampin Up item that is in the 2012 holiday catalog - If you were like me and other catalog viewers, I'll bet you breezed right through and missed it on page 23!  What is this??  Now you can add a beautiful visible luminescent shimmer on your stamped images without heat setting, special powders, sprays, or smelly fuses!  The ILLUMINATE Glimmer Watermark stamping pad is acid-free, nontoxic, and can be used for tone-on-tone shimmer stamping, and has more Wow than the versamark pad - and can be used on all colors!
Illuminate Glimmer Watermark Stampin' Pad and refill :
Stampin' Up product  #126857 Regular Price: $12.17/Preferred Price: $10.95

Illuminate Glimmer Watermark Stampin' Refill #128333 
Regular Price: $9.94/Preferred Price: $8.95

Here are some closeups of my Halloween bag I used Illuminate on - After I finished stamping and using Stampin Up markers, I gently patted my Illuminate pad all over the front.  You can see how it made the whole front of the bag look like shimmery paper!
Here are a few more examples of  Illuminate projects - See the  shiny snowflakes and the sparkly image behind the six-point star on the blue paper?  That is the Illuminate....

It shows up really well on dark cardstock which you can see on this pretty box's snowflakes:

The Illuminate is great to swipe on embossed sections - here is a card with no Illuminate on the embossed parts, and the same card that has Illuminate on the embossed portions.  It really makes you stop and say, "Wow!" doesn't it?!

 Now you can use it for other stamping images you want to make glisten, like on these Halloween cards and spider webs:

Although I hate spiders and avoid them like crazy, the spider webs with Illuminate look quite stunning, wouldn't you agree?  It is the last thing you do with your project; swipe the Illuminate pad over it and let it set and voila, you have a WOW project.  No need to buy shimmery paper - just make your own!

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