Sunday, September 23, 2012

More Halloween and fall decorations for dogs!

 I picked up a few more fall and Halloween decorations when we went to Lowes hardware store with our dogs.  Both of our dogs love going there as they usually get lots of attention and a doggy biscuit at the register!  I love the purple Halloween cat and striped witches hat that I got!

 I got two new doormats to match my fall sunflowers too.

And some cute little gourds in fall colors to scatter about.

I have Halloween oven mits and a dish cloth - but don't know why my picture of it got turned sideways!  Do you buy seasonal kitchen mitts and dish cloths too??

I also got 2 mini hats, the perfect size for our dogs!

I put one of the hats on Inu but she did not like it lol.

 However, she did do what I asked her to with the hat:  touch it,

Lay down next to it....
 And sit with it!
I swear our other dog, Tootsi, took one look at the hat and laughed!

Since they were such good girls, I gave them a little doggy treat afterwards :-)

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  1. The last picture of Inu looks like she has devil horns...hugs, Di



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