Sunday, August 21, 2011

Part 2 - large craft room dresser cupboard

Yesterday I shared the start of the makeover for the large dresser cupboard in my craft room.  In these pictures you can see where the textured paintable wallpaper pieces were glued.  Some special glue that you squeeze out of a tube was used to adhere them to the doors - had to get my husband to help me with that since you had to squeeze the thick white glue out of the tubes really hard.  The doors look really pretty with this wallpaper on it.

 Now the dresser cupboard is ready for the first coat of white paint.

 I do not like painting furniture, walls, etc. so had put this off for quite a bit....since my husband had built me some beautiful shelves in my craft room closet, I was more motivated.  I don't like having to prep surfaces for painting either, so just painted the white paint right on the dresser.  I even painted the wire basket on the floor to the right of the dresser!

 Since I wasn't painting the inside of  the dresser, I did carefully put taping on the inside so the line between the white paint and inside would be neat - yes, I really did!

 The paint actually stuck to the outside wooden surface that wasn't prepped - the paintable textured wallpaper sucked up the paint, but it looks really great. 

 I kinda liked the shabby chicness of the dresser just like this....but since I wanted this dresser to match the little white dresser I have done with the cracking in it, I will be putting another coat of white paint on, after I apply the crackling distressing stuff.  When I do that, I will only have 1-4 hours to get the second coat of white paint on to make sure the stuff cracks properly.  Ugh, that means I will need to put aside a whole afternoon just to paint....

  See, I even painted the handles - you can see a slight bluish tinge to them and the wooden embellishments.  I am hoping that when the cracking stuff and second coat of paint are on, you will see the bashful blue paint in the cracks....

 The painted textured wallpaper looks really good just like this, so I won't need to put a second coat of paint or the cracking stuff on these areas!  Yay, that will decrease the amount of time I have to paint LOL.

So this is as far as I have gotten on this dresser cupboard - not sure when I will be able to work on it next, but it's taken me 6 months to get this far, so what's another week or two (or three)?  In the meantime, I can keep on cleaning out, sorting, and organizing my other craft stuff....and fill up the new closet shelves.  I have made a small dent in them so far - have a look:

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