Saturday, August 20, 2011

The larger white dresser cupboard makeover for craft room-part 1

Please make me over too!
The larger white dresser cupboard thing in my craft room felt neglected and wanted a new makeover too, since the little white dresser and smaller white dresser cupboard is being redone for my craft room project...So here it is before I started working on it. 
Inside it has a setup for a computer, keyboard, little shelves and filing cabinet. I have been using this for my sewing machine area - I love all the little shelves and drawers in it, so wanted to keep it,
but of course, it didn't match....

It also served as a place to hang stuff and put things on top of - LOL!  There is our furbaby in the lower right of the picture - she is about the same color as this cupboard.  I know lots of other craft designers/cardmakers that have their furbabies in their rooms with them often as well, right Kathy, Claudia, Diana, Cristena, etc.?!!

I have seen the wooden embellishments you can put on stuff for added decorations in Lowes, so picked out a couple for this dresser cupboard - the oval ones ended up on the other smaller white dresser cupboard I got in a lawn sale. 

But I played around with these wooden embellishments quite a bit before deciding which set would go where....

 I decided to use this set of wooden embellishments on the larger white dresser cupboard, like this, one on each side.  All the handles and knobs were taken off to be spray painted with blue paint, similar to Stampin Up's bashful blue color.

 Since there was extra blue paint, I found a couple more things to spray paint too - I'll show you those in future posts, since I'm still playing with them....!
 Then I found some awesomely textured paintable wallpaper in Lowes....I took homes samples of my favorites to see which one I would like the best - here are my 4 favorites.  You just glue the paper on and paint right over it!

 I tacked the four different patterns on the dresser, and left them up to look at for a couple days - or was it a couple weeks? 

  Then I had to tack up the wooden embellishments to get an idea of how they would all look together - played around with that for another couple weeks!

 I finally decided on this set of wooden embellishments, and this textured paintable wallpaper, so bought a roll of it. Of course, I will have much more than I need, so I will have fun trying to find other places I can use this wallpaper eventually...

 The wooden embellishments and door handles got painted bashful blue and put onto the wooden dresser cupboard - the cupboard is already feeling better to have some new decorations!

Notice the area around the dresser is cleaned off and ready to be painted?  Tomorrow I will show pictures of the dresser with the wallpaper on it and first layer of white paint OK?

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