Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thank you card and Stampin Up charm

I had to share this gift that my upline sent me - in addition to the cute thank you card, she had made one of the new Stampin Up charms - the charm is packaged in a beautiful soft brown box and matching inside, and it is blank so you can make whatever you want to put in the charm.  The charm is two-sided and opens up at the top like a locket.  She put a little rhinestone on the design that she stamped.  It is way prettier in real life than the picture.  Hmmm, these would make great Christmas presents-just add a bracelet or necklace, etc.  Thank you Claudia!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Easter peppermint patty treat holders/bookmarks

I had been looking in the grocery stories for peppermint patties that were wrapped in a round shape, so I could make some treat holders for them....finally found them in CVS Pharmacy - last night I used scraps of pretty papers that were Eastery to make the treat holders.  I love light blue, so they are made with light blue ribbon and shades of blue with either a rabbit or butterfly on them.  I tried to make some of they would be appropriate for a guy too.  In making them, I realized that after you eat the candy (you will eventually, so why  not get it over with before it goes bad lol) you can then use the treat holder for a book ribbon....Or just get more patties and reuse it!  How do you like those patties?  This one is for you, Patty!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

More corner bookmarks with a masculine look

After making the last batch of corner bookmarks, and realizing that guys read too, I put together another batch that is more masculine looking - even got a guy's opinion on them and he liked the S one best because it kinda looked westerny.  What do you think?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Corner Bookmarks made from SU Bridesmaid DSP

I used the Stampin Up Bridesmaid paper again (the cream-colored) and made 3 of the petal flower corner bookmarks.  Since the other side of this paper is plain, I stamped little images on the part that would show after you folded the corner bookmark.  I distressed all the edges you would see and since I don't have any of the fancy SU letter stamps, I used those you buy on a sheet and punch out.  So I sponged them to match the edges....In the center of the initial is a colored jewel....I think these all look pretty feminine, so now I will try to make some "masculine" ones....Maybe with some masculine-looking  DSP.  Been watching the Olympics too - the stress and tension there seems to bring out the worst in some of the competitors....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chickadee bird you can make

One of the other Stampin Up demonstrators that posts online shared a card she made using the new bird punch - she decorated it to look like a chickadee and it is adorable.  You can see her online tutorial here  Here are some of the wonderful chickadee card projects that have been done.  I will definitely have to get this punch in the very near future!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Doggy Get Well Card

When we were at our furbaby's dog agility class tonight, we found out that one of the dogs there who competes  (her owner was our first dog instructor) suffered an injury at the past weekend's dog agility competition - when she took her first jump she went down and couldn't get up.  Her owner said it was her back knee and that her dog would be on bed rest for several months, and probably doing therapy, orthopedic visits, etc.  What is really sad about it is that this dog qualified for the National dog agility competition this year - her first time, but due to this injury, she won't be able to attend since it is in a couple months....Her other dog is not old enough to compete yet....So I made a 'get well' dog card to send, as I had the Stampin Up dog stamp sets for D is for Dog and Wellness Wishes.  Here is a picture of the card - the dog bone ribbon is not Stampin Up though....I thought that maybe in the future I could try to stamp ribbon with Stampin Up stamps to use....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My watermark

I had a watermark put together for me, with the Stampin Up doggy and in purple (my 15 yr old son did it - kids this days are so much more technologically advanced than I was at their age...) and here is a picture of it; however, I can't figure out how to embed it in my pictures yet....sigh
Hope you all had a nice valentine's day - went to see Avatar for the second time, but in 3D and Imax this time. 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bookmarks and matching card

I am doing an online swap where you make a theme-related card and send to the person on the list who is above your name, and one of the person below your name....The theme was "red hearts" so I stamped a OSW (one sheet wonder) with little red hearts on it, and used that to develop my card and a matching corner bookmark.  I used the Bridesmaid specialty paper by Stampin Up on it - I love that paper, it has a wonderful sheen to it.  The two corner bookmarks are slightly different, as I decided I just wanted to ink the edges of it.  I think they turned out cute and hope the recepients like them.  I think I'll make up some more since I really like the idea of stamping your own paper and then using it for your card and a matching bookmark....but I made the bookmark first, then made the card!  Did this while watching the opening Olympics - too bad the biggest presentation of lighting the inside torch had a mechanical problem.  So what do you think of my card and bookmark set?  I also did some more work on my blog and really wanted to put in a slideshow, but will have to figure out how to do that yet.  Have a great weekend.  Mary L

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's a new year & just getting the hang of it

Wow, another year come and gone - here it is February 2010 already - caught me way off-guard!  And sadly neglecting my poor blog.  When I look at other people's blogs, I feel so guilty that I can't have as attractive one that I would like...  Sure is harder than it looks and makes me appreciate the work and time they have put into their blog.  

I've been working on improving my cardmaking talents through Stampin Up and it is enjoyable - love seeing what others have done and shared.  Makes me want to try a little bit harder and post some of my projects.  I posted some of them on the Stampin Up site and actually got some comments - I was so excited as it was my first time getting any feedback. 

Here's a picture of the distressed ruffled scallop circle flower pin card I got comments on - I like the vintage-type feel of it, which seems to be all the rage now.  Here is how I made them:  Punch 5 scallop circles (I used coordinating colors from SU Patterns Pack III) & distress each on edges with classic ink; then fold/crumple into a ball.  Unfold & crumple again into a ball. Uncrumple and stagger on top of 6th scallop circle. 6th scallop circle was only folded/crumpled once as it will be a stabilizing base.

Put mini-brad through all 6 layers, then dab top of flower in inkpad for distressing markings.  Tie piece of twine, jute, yarn, etc. through button (I used SU designer buttons) and hot glue on top of brad. Hot glue brooch pin to back of flower. Crumple & scrunch flower edges around button one more time for extra ruffles.  Pin flower to card (4 x 4) cut out of bridesmaid specialty paper and punched with lace edge border.

I made these for a swap this week and hope everyone likes them.  Hope you all are staying healthy, safe, and coping with the weather, etc.   Mary L


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