Friday, August 19, 2011

White cupboard dresser makeover for craft room

Another item for my craft room that is being redecorated...I am not sure what this is called, but the doors open to reveal shelves and there are drawers under the doors.  I took off the handles to paint them blue (similar to the SU marina mist blue), along with the wooden embellishments that will be going on the front of it.

I call this the cupboard dresser, and I have another one that is bigger, in an orangey type color, that is suppose to be used for your computer, keyboard, and filing.  I am painting the handles and wooden embellishments for that as well, and will be painting it white and crack the paint like the little white dresser I did.

So now the handles and wooden embellishments are put back on the smaller white cupboard dresser.  Since I really don't like to paint furniture or walls, etc., this is the part that is taking me longer to get done...I am really good at procrastinating and finding something else to do instead!

I am putting current Stampin Up items in it, except for stamp sets,
which go in the closet.

The southwestern doll hanging on the front holds plastic bags in the skirt, and I liked the colors, which match some of the colors that I am using in my craft room.

Doesn't it look nice next to the new closet shelves?  I didn't take me long to fill up this dresser.  Now I am going to paint white over the blue, so it looks shabby chiclike. I am thinking I might like to get new handles though, those crystal-like clear ones....

Here are a couple pics of the cupboard dresser all painted white that I just retrieved from my camera today, thanks to a new computer setup:

I really think those clear sparkly door handles would look great on it, along with some white filligree switch plates and outlet covers!  Gonna have to check them out at Lowes...

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