Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Went to the Fall Fest all-day stamping event this past weekend - here are pictures of the swaps I made to bring...I used our new scanner and I need to learn how to not make the scan blurry....

These are some of my projects I made - getting used to a new Galaxy tablet, but I can see the pics are better than the other cameras I've used. 
However, the user needs lots of practice!  Not only am I trying to get used to the Galaxy, I have a new computer, keyboard, mouse, and printer.  I can see I need to work on transferring the pictures from the Galaxy to my computer since they don't look as good here as they did on the Galaxy - ??  Emailing them to yourself and then saving them on your computer is too slow and the pictures lose something in clarity.  Really, the pictures look way better on the Galaxy before so I will see if I can plug it right into my computer and download the pictures that way!   Or could it be that my eyes are tired tonight and everything looks kinda fuzzy? 
These are the 15 projects we made - gee, the day just flies by when you are having fun creating.  And we took home all the extra designer paper in our packs, along with pearls, ribbon, and dimensional popup glue dots. 

So I went around with my new Galaxy taking pics of the card swaps I received:

And the cards that other ladies made...

And the other cute boxes, etc. that were displayed.

 Stampin Up has some great holiday items coming up - Can you believe it is almost September already?  Time to start the Christmas lists soon....right after the long weekend coming up!

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