Friday, August 12, 2011

A couple of digital scrapbooking pages

These 2 more scrapbooking pages that I made with My Digital Studio. They are some of my favorite pages in the photobook I made for my son's graduation.  Since he likes technology soooo much, I wanted to make this page look abstract-like. 

I really like the effect of the the black and white background page, black stamp brushes, and black embellishments.  Kids nowadays have to be super computer literate, and my son started this aspect of his education when he was 3 years old with his 7-year old brother!

When I was going through 18 years of photos to organize and make this digital photobook, it seemed like my son did a lot of water activities - he was like a little fish and could spend hours in the water.  I felt it was important that he know how to swim (which I am not good at), so I had him take several swimming classes at the local YMCA.  We often went to waterparks too, and if there was a beach we could go to, we had to check it out!

When you purchase My Digital Studio from Stampin' Up, you can sign up for their digital software blog.  This is where I found some great scrapbooking page layouts to use for my photobook.

I think the best part of this photobook that my son will really like is the $$ that I will be attaching to the pages!!  Ensures that he has to look at each page too, right?! 
I had to show this photobook to some of my friends, and one of them told me I should enter it in the Art Contest - but after this coming weekend's graduation, I won't have it anymore.  Maybe I should make another one for my husband....I see more photo sorting and organizing coming up!

What do you think of my photobook? 
Not made for a beginner huh?
So are you going to any graduations this month?

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