Friday, October 15, 2010

Owl punch cards - love that Stampin' Up owl punch!

I have blogged before about getting my very own owl punch that Stampin' Up came out with....And I got it and did an owl punch class with it - see the cute cute cute owl cards I made?! 
I got some of the glue stuck onto my brand-new owl punch, so had to clean it off!  A clean owl punch is a happy owl punch, right?  So I am into using those Mr. Clean magic erasers for cleaning just about anything, and used that...I was so bummed 'cause I rubbed just a little too hard on my punch and look what it did to my little owl --
The toes on his little left foot got rubbed right off, and the silvery finish on the owl is now faded  :-((   Yeah, I like the faded look, but not on my brand-new owl punch....that's a lesson learned - don't rub your metal punches with Mr. Clean magic erasers!!  What is really neat about the new Stampin' Up punches is that you can stand them up like the picture above, but you can "close" them and then lie them down flat and stack them on top of each other and it saves room - and there is a little picture on the end of the punch of what it is so you can quickly find what you want when they are stacked up.  Here is my owl stamp closed and lying down:

Anyway, here are some more pictures of the owl cards I made in Diana Gibbs' class:

For this card, we cut the owl's ears off (ouch) and gave him yellow feet and they became penguins at a party!
Isn't this a colorful cheerful birthday card?!  I made a few small changes to my cards compared to what Diana made - if you want to see what the cards are "suppose" to look like and better pictures of them (she has an awesome camera) , or the specific accessories used, you can see these cards on Diana's gallery:

If you want to get your own owl punch, just email me and I would be glad to order it for you!  The price is $16.95 and you will have way too much fun making owls, penguins, etc. - We had lots of leftover owl pieces so I can make more owls lol.  Just don't clean him with Mr. Clean magic eraser!  Thanks for stopping by!!

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