Thursday, October 28, 2010

Craft fair cards; sunbathing furbaby; Christmas tree

I love looking at stores decorated for Christmas!

I have been making up items for the craft fair in our community next month - here is one of the items....these are coloring card sets (4 cards to color, 4 envelopes) with a penguin gift tag on the front,
 all ready to put in stockings for Christmas.  They will include a little set of mini-gel pens too.  These are all Stampin' Up stamps and retired designer paper. 

Since the weather has been super nice, we set up our porch swing -  our furbaby has a new spot to hang out in.  Here is a picture of her sunbathing by her sunny porch door.  She can see out into the backyard and watch any bypassing bunnies, birds, the neighbors, etc.  Doesn't she look like she is enjoying herself?? 

We went back to the store that had the Christmas trees - Isn't that a contrast; patio furniture outside and Christmas trees inside - got a tree too!  Look at all the trees inside!  Makes you want to put on a sweater.... 

If you look closely at this picture, in the center you can see a decorated white tree Hanging Upside Down from the ceiling!   This would sure make it super easy to get to the top of the tree to hang the star, right?

This tree was really cool too - At the top it spits out little tiny snowballs that "snow" down the tree and collect in the bottom, then get recycled back up to the top....we actually thought about getting it, then figured it would be a constant battle to keep Inu out of it and not eating those little tiny styrofoamy 

Looking at all the different ways to decorate trees is like a kid in a candy shop 
So our tree is in the house, but still in its box....I want to put it up soon, just to enjoy looking at it with the lights....have no idea where our Christmas decorations are in the garage closets, or what we decided to keep when we moved....sure hope I kept my purple lights and decorations - hmmm, wonder what other color I will want to use with them this year, or will we just have to buy new decorations.  Wouldn't that be too bad?!  NOT

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