Monday, November 1, 2010

Royal Blog Tour - I got a castle! More craft fair items...

This weekend I found out that my princess-in-waiting list spot on the Royal Blog Tour had been moved up, and I became a Princess!  That means I will have a castle along the royal journey - I am offering blog candy too.  This blog tour will be for 4 days with over 75 castles and 6 beautiful queens (of crafting) where you can view awesomely creative galleries.  You won't want to miss this November 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th!  Make sure you sign up at:  or here:

There are games you can play right now and read up on what will be happening:  By royal decree, boarding for the Annual Fall Royal Blog Tour begins here between November 5th and 8th, 2010.You will be chauffeured by carriage to the Enchanted Kingdom's Royal Paths where the castles of six Honorary Queens, pictured below, have been prepared with abundant creativity for your viewing pleasure.
As you continue your journey on each Queen's path, you will visit the castles of her Princesses along the way. Many will offer Royal Blog Candy as an added bequest to enhance their regal artistic galleries.
The Royal Blog Tour is a very distinctive event that happens only twice a year. It is viewed by tens of thousands of subjects each time it is launched. We joyfully welcome you to this grand event.  Be prepared for fun, fun, fun and inspiration!!

In the meantime, I have made a few more items for our community's craft fair - here are some pictures:

I bought 2 bags of the peppermint patties, but didn't need the second bag....they are going to good use by both myself and my husband (well since he is helping me with punching and stuff, he's earned some, right?!)

 Don't you think our furbaby was super interested when I was making these doggy treat purses?!  She got some of the broken ones....patiently waited for them!

So did you get any trick or treaters?  Or dress up for Halloween?  Thanks for coming by!

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