Friday, November 19, 2010

It's all about the Dogs: Doggy post it notebooks and dogsitting friend

I have a t-shirt that says "It's all about the dogs!" lol

Here is another batch of last-minute dog items for my table for the craft fair this weekend - they are mini-notebooks that have post-it-notes inside of them.  I dressed them up in a purselike fashion and added a gift tag to them....mostly they are made out of Stampin' Up products, both retired and current.
Here is a picture of my table at the craft fair 
My items were mostly $1 stocking stuffers, and I made up a poster with some of the cards I have made - I put some of my papercraft projects by the poster too.  And I put the $1 items on my little green tree and called it the Dollar Tree lol....The things that sold within 15 minutes were the dog items!  Guess I will have to make up a lot more of them next time. Since this was my first craft fair, I wasn't sure what items would do the best - now I  know anything dog!!  I scattered little candy canes and peppermint candies around, and the children who came by would receive one (or two)! 

Speaking of dogs, we did a little dog sitting last week - our furbaby had a guest over and boy did Inu find that interesting....Inu couldn't figure out if she was going to be a permanent guest or not I think!  She would follow CJ around to see what she was doing.  See, here is Inu, checking up on CJ - they are by the back porch door enjoying the nice weather and going in and out.   

We entered our furbaby in her first dog agility practice trial (competition) for Dec. - she will be doing Jumpers, which is all jumping over and through obstacles. It will be fun and she will have the "home court" advantage. We will be there all day helping out too. Of course I will take pictures and post some!!

Can you believe it - Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and then all of a sudden it will be Christmas!  Bought a couple Christmas presents this past weekend since I will need to get them in the mail.  I am so behind on my Christmas list and cards, but I have ideas floating around in my head - Just need to get going on them...I like to work on them while watching TV!  How are you doing with your holiday planning?! 

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