Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sudsol blog tour tomorrow!! One day only! Sneak peek & blog candy

I am in my first blog tour tomorrow - Sudsol - I am so excited to be able to design 3 special projects for this blog tour, and share them with you...And I will be giving away some blog candy too!!

I can hardly wait - it is an all holiday theme, so there will be lots of super great ideas for all different holidays.  I just have to give you a little sneakie peek of one of mine!!  Hope it intrigues you so that you will make sure you come by and visit tomorrow....and see what everyone else has for you as well.  I am dying to see what the other bloggers will be showing!!

Make sure you remind yourself about the blog tour tomorrow 'cause it is only one day....send yourself an email and leave yourself a voicemail!  And put notes on the bathroom mirror and refrigerator. 

Don't forget to sign up for my blog candy too - See you tomorrow!!

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