Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lace and ribbon weaving cards tutorial - guess what?!

These are 2 mini-cards with matching envelopes I designed and made recently - I featured the one on the bottom with white edging in the Sudsol blog tour earlier this month.  The card on the top is different in that I used the azul distressing inkpad from the Stampin' Up distressing kit on the edges, and so made the envelope from the darker blueberry crisp designer paper.  I also colored the little pearls on the shoe with a blue sharpie.  When I made the lace and ribbon weaving section, I had some left over, so made another card out of it for the Royal Blog Tour, which was just after the Sudsol blog tour.  See, here is the card I featured for that blog tour:

And I said I would do a tutorial on my lace and ribbon weaving technique.  And I will be working on that, but guess what happened about that?  Remember I shared the new online paper craft magazine in a earlier post, called Papers and Pixels?   I was so intrigued by it, and so submitted the darker lace and ribbon weaving mini-card to them to be considered in a future issue.....and I was accepted!! 

I am going to not only prepare a step-by-step tutorial on this technique, but design a different version of it just for them! 
This will be in their next issue where there will be more info about this technique and a new project.  That means you will have to wait until the issue comes out to get the tutorial.
Can you handle all that anticipation and waiting?!!!  (now you remember what it was like to wait for Santa and Christmas day, ha ha)
After the issue comes out, then I will also post that info on my blog.  But if you want to make sure that you get the  Papers and Pixels issue and the lace and ribbon weaving tutorial in it, you could subscribe to my posts here or become a follower (if you  haven't already)....and you could sign up for the Papers and Pixels newsletter/magazine and you will be able to get it immediately when it comes out!  This type of reminder system works well for  Before the technological age of putting your appointments and reminders on your calendar on your cell phone, I had a little black notebook where I would write in everything.  My sons would watch me do that, and my oldest son commented to me once, that if I wrote it down it that little black notebook, he knew it would get done, especially if it was something for him!!

I have to tell you too, that Papers and Pixels is a beautiful magazine, with lots of pictures and different ideas in it for both paper crafting and digi-crafting (makes we want to get going on playing with digital crafting) And lots of informative reading - I know you would find something that interests you.  Here is the website ( so you can check it out soon - I bet you will want to download the 3 issues they have - and did I mention it was FREE?  I really liked their first issue (Sept.) because of the great pictures of dogs in it too! 
I'm off to work that that special card and tutorial for Papers and Pixels - I'll keep you posted!

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