Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SUDSOL and Royal Blog Tour - blog candy winners!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by during one day only Sudsol Blog Tour on Nov. 3, 2010!! 
Here are the winners of the Sudsol blog candy:
From the Garden stamp set -- Kathy Elliott
Watercolor Mini-set -- Jo Northagen.
They will be mailed tomorrow; please let me know when you receive them OK? 

Wow, I was amazed and touched by all the super nice posts and emails I received on my Royal Blog Tour projects....what an awesome blog tour, huh?  The winner of my blog candy for that was Jean Fitch!!  I sure wish I had enough of those square lattice embossing folders to send to each of you who signed up for my blog candy!  (sigh) Guess you will have to settle for a picture of it....
I will be posting a tutorial in the very near future on the fussy flower and lace/ribbon weaving.  Right now I am finishing up final projects and stuff for my first craft fair this weekend.  Tomorrow we are dog-sitting our favorite golden retriever - I will take pictures of our furbaby and her playing together and post some!  And here is a picture of our new Christmas tree!!  See that little blur in the lower right-hand corner?  That's our furbaby Inu - going towards the tree, probably because those are her toys scattered around the tree...she hasn't learned to pick them up yet and put them in the box lol.  She is not interested in the tree at all - guess you can't fool her that it is an artificial tree, no matter how realistic it looks!!
Have a great week...

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  1. Thanks again Mary for offering such wonderful blog candy! I'm counting myself lucky I get more than the picture! LOL! I'm stalking the postal van!!

    Hugs - Jean



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