Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter ideas: Chicks made with bird punch

Oh gee whiz, Easter comes early this year, and I am busy moving and getting set up, unpacking, all that stuff...but want to send out some Easter cards, so was looking at some Easter ideas that other stampers and cardmakers, etc. have done.  Here are some of the cute Easter projects I ran across - the first one is by the lady who made the chickadees that I posted pics of before.  Here is her site in case you want to see a great detailed tutorial on it:

Pam (see right side of my blog for her info - has a really cute Easter bunny, as well as a Easter sheep - here is a pic of the bunny - don't you just want to give it a little squeeze...

And look at this adorable bunny baby shoe - I bought the pattern since a good friend of mine had a baby, but the document is password protected and I forgot what the password is, so have to find out again - don't you just hate when you do that...

And here is more awesome bunny card that I got in last month's swap - look at all the work and details in it:

I did manage to mail out 2 Easter card and Easter bags to family last week, but have 2 other very special friends that I want to send an Easter card to....thinking of them as they head out in their RVs.  Have a great week y'all!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bunny Easter treat bags

I love those marshmallow treats, and love the color purple - so when I saw these purple bunny marshmallow treats I just had to get them....After sampling them (can't eat just one you know) I made up some Easter treat bags for them and use the Stampin Up two-step bird punch.  This punch is so cute and versatile - this project was super easy and quick with no stamping.  Those are purple foil wrapped dark chocolate eggs in the treat bag with the purple bunny - maybe I should have made the treat tag and bird in shades of purple too!  These are almost too cute to open and eat....almost....good thing I gave them all away - guess what happened to the leftover marshmallow bunnies??!! 

Stampin Up also sells some adorable felt flowers and I used them to make up some beautiful jumbo paper clip holders - I think I will have to keep one for myself they are so pretty.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Two more cute side wrap skirt cards- "bold" theme?

I made up two more of those adorable side-wrap skirt/apron cards that we all love - thanks for all who asked about them!  And for all your compliments, etc.  These were done for an AZ card swap where you are suppose to do a "bold" theme....So I tried to include some bright colors that I wouldn't normally do....they are made out of Stampin Up retired reversible DSP so you could make the card reverside, right?  have a look see:

Monday, March 15, 2010

Stamp event - lots of fun here

The ladies that coordinated the stamping event Spring Fling this weekend did an awesome job and we made lots of beautiful projects.  Here are pictures of some of the items we got to make - a banner, a post-it-note drawer set, a butterfly box of cards, a cube memo/pic/calendar holder, and a paperweight (that is actually a clear stamp holder): 

There were some great project demonstrations - here are pictures of the milk carton variations (bunny box, teapot, candy holder), flowers, and buttons made from cardstock that were demonstrated:

Others brought samples of the cards and projects that they had made too - lots of wonderful items - here are some of them:

Can't you tell I had a fun, inspiring, and relaxing day??!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Skirt/Apron Swap Cards

I'm going to a stamping day-long event this weekend and will have the chance to swap cards with other I made up a couple dozen of these cards to bring.  I think they are cute and different - while I was making them I was thinking of other things I could do with this template's what the whole pile of the cards look like, and then the rows I put the 6 colors into...

Here are closeups of some of the apron/skirt cards:

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mini thank you notecards and post-it notebooks

I tried making some of the mini 3 x 3 notecards for thank yous - what a great way to use the 12 x 12" cardstock for little cards when you don't really need a whole bigger card and envelope....They were fun to make and I ended up making 8 of them, although I only needed 4 - :-)  They will be put with the post-it mongram notebooks I made - both feminine and masculine...practical and cute & really easy to make.  Check out the pics above and below for the notecards and notebooks...Happy Monday beginning of the week.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Pics of our furbaby Inu

Our don't-know-what-breeds-she-is furbaby will be 2 yrs old in May and she is lots of fun....everything is an adventure with her, exploring stuff, etc.  While out on a walk, I had to take a picture of her under this sign! lol

She has her ways of getting my attention....while I was working on my research paper  on the computer and using a book for the statistics I was writing about, Inu came up with a new way of getting me to notice her - so another funny picture here! 
Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A tree for Easter

This weekend I went to a local church's rummage sale and got a cute 18" green foil tree with mini-lights on it that worked....for only $.50!  It was just too cute to use only at Christmas, so I hung the peppermint patty treat holder/bookmarks on it and put the little mailbox I made under it....along with the 2 bunny baskets I got at the rummage sale which were only $1....Then after Easter is over, I can hang other holiday items on it, etc.  I got this idea from another Stampin Up demonstrator who used a 5' artificial tree in her hallway and decorated it seasonally.  Here is a picture of my tree:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cool Photoshop pics

Isn't technology, the internet, software programs just too much fun sometimes?  Just doing this little blog I find I can spend way too much time playing with it....So much stuff you can create, like this neat Photoshop picture that was done by one of  my most favorite people in the whole world.  He uses it to post next to his "name" in forums - very colorful and creative. I sure wish I could do stuff like this.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Lots of heart treat boxes-25 of them!

I had done a class last month with a Valentine's theme, and one of the handouts I gave them was for a heart treat box.  One of the ladies used it to make up 25 heart boxes for a party she was going to - and she made all of these on a very limited budget!  Take a look at some of them she shared with me: 


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