Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter ideas: Chicks made with bird punch

Oh gee whiz, Easter comes early this year, and I am busy moving and getting set up, unpacking, all that stuff...but want to send out some Easter cards, so was looking at some Easter ideas that other stampers and cardmakers, etc. have done.  Here are some of the cute Easter projects I ran across - the first one is by the lady who made the chickadees that I posted pics of before.  Here is her site in case you want to see a great detailed tutorial on it:

Pam (see right side of my blog for her info - has a really cute Easter bunny, as well as a Easter sheep - here is a pic of the bunny - don't you just want to give it a little squeeze...

And look at this adorable bunny baby shoe - I bought the pattern since a good friend of mine had a baby, but the document is password protected and I forgot what the password is, so have to find out again - don't you just hate when you do that...

And here is more awesome bunny card that I got in last month's swap - look at all the work and details in it:

I did manage to mail out 2 Easter card and Easter bags to family last week, but have 2 other very special friends that I want to send an Easter card to....thinking of them as they head out in their RVs.  Have a great week y'all!

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