Monday, October 4, 2010

Dog cards; birthday purse card set

Sorry I haven't posted for a week - I had some surgery last week where they removed the hardware that was put into my lower right leg/ankle last year when it was broken.....since it had been giving me lots of problems and pain, it was taken out - it was a 2.5" plate and 7 heavy duty screws....they gave them back to me so now I have something for my toolbox.  My leg stings where it was cut and stitches just been taking it easy.  Thought I would post pictures of some of the dog cards that my hubby and I made to raise funds for the sheltie dogs rescue.  I used retired Stampin Up designer paper and ink, and several of the dog stamps I have started collecting since I became a dog lover when we adopted our furbaby.  Here are a couple more
of the cards/tags:

Here are pictures of some of the dogs that were participating in the "fun run" which is a good practice for when they are competing in a real dog trial - our furbaby Inu is in the middle....

Here is Inu waiting her turn in her soft crate - it was so funny because when we walked away from her and forgot to tell her to "stay" she would jump out and follow us quietly!  After all, this is her home training class site!

Speaking of trying to use up non-Stampin' Up items, I had made a little purse out of a paper bag last year and had gotten attached to it....but since it was a special little girl's birthday this week and I figured I could make another one out of Stampin' Up products, I decided to send it to her....So I put a birthday greeting on the front, and made up some mini-cards to go along with it, and clipped them with a large paper clip that I had decorated with the Stampin' Up felt flower.  Here are some pics of the set:

I used the Stampin' Up flower punches and edgers on the cards - I just love how well those work and look.

 I hope she likes her birthday purse and card set....I got the instructions for this little paper bag purse at this site:  If you want to make your own, you can check out her directions, and then follow mine which are below.  There is a little empty spot in my craft room where this little red purse was....
Red Paper Bag Purse
(original directions at Becky Roberts’ blog:

1. Cut bag to 4 ¼” tall. Trace and cut out bottom layers of purse from solid color paper (front panel and back panel) following Becky’s directions.

2. Trace and cut out top layers from printed paper; lid from solid paper if you prefer.

3. Make 2 holes in bottom layer back panel for ribbon handles.

4. Cut 12” length of ribbon and run through holes & glue down.

5. Glue top layers to bottom layers.

6. Adhere the paper bag to the front piece, then fold the bottom of the paper bag down.

7. Put adhesive on the bag, not the cardstock and line up the cardstock pieces front to back. Don't line up the bag because they are not all straight, just line up the paper.

8. Add flower, brad, etc. to lid and close with a velcro self adhesive.

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