Monday, October 25, 2010

Do you stamp your envelopes to match your cards? More rainbows...

Now isn't this a contrasting picture or what?  A fall/halloween pumpkin and a Santa Christmas card?!  Yeah, I am one of those people who do like to stamp an envelope to match my card, most of the time.  After I made this card in a class recently, of course I stamped my envelope.  And took it home.  When I took the card and envelope out of my little stamping bag, I had to look at it twice, because it looked like I had forgotten to watercolor in the top half of my Santa picture....Now I didn't plan this out or use any tool to line the Santas up with!  This is what it looked like when I first took it out
of my bag:
Can you see how I thought I messed up and had not finished my card??  I feel like I have been getting more scatterbrained lately....Here is another picture of it that I saw when I looked closer at my card and envelope: 
And here is what it really looks like! 
So I didn't mess it up after all and the joke is on me - having to double check up after myself....If you want details on this card, you can find them on Diana's blog - she has a set of different Santas - lumberjack Santa and Santa after he has lost weight ha!  You will laugh when you read her accompanying stories!

BTW, remember the beautiful rainbow/double rainbow I had in my post recently?  One of our neighbors saw it too, and he must have had a really good camera and got some great pictures of it - you can the progression of the rainbow into a double rainbow in his pictures here :

Do you realize it's only 61 days until Christmas??  I had to quickly go to a friend's blog to see her widget with a beautiful tree counting down the days till Christmas - she just started it so if you get a minute, check it out and tell her what a good job she is doing!

And we went Christmas tree shopping today - does that surprise you?!  lol  There is a store sale nearby on fake trees and they had a beautiful display of lighted trees that we saw last night so since we were in the area today, we went in.  We really liked one that looked like the trees our families used to get when we were little - you know, when you went to the Boy Scouts' tree lot and picked out your tree in the cold snow, and it wasn't perfect - my hubby and I lived in the northeast where there was lots of snow and trees for Christmas....I vividly remember when our tree started to dry up and those little needles fell off and boy if you happen to step on one just right, ouch!  Well, there was a tree on sale that looked like that - honest!  So since it was almost closing, we will have to head back to that store later this week to buy one on sale....It's prelit and only has 3 parts to put up, and no needles that will fall off to be stepped on!  I got some great ideas on decorating our tree (will take pictures when we go back to the store), and saved some of my purple Christmas tree decorations - I remember when it was really hard to find any holiday decorations in purple, but in the last several years, there have been a lot more, and when they went on sale, I would buy a few new ones....Just have to make sure I put them where I will find them for next Christmas...

Okay, I know, Halloween first, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas....I have Christmas on the brain lately since I am getting ready for my first craft fair next month - I'll post pictures of my items in future posts. 
Have a great Monday!
P.S.  Don't forget about the Sudsol blog tour that I will be in on November 3 - it's only one day!

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