Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween decorations and cards

I put up our fall and halloween decorations recently - don't they look pretty?  I just love those white pumpkins - got to get me some of the real ones too....See how close one of the white pumpkins is to the railing?  Our furbaby likes to go in that area - we call it the courtyard.  Of course she noticed that I had put up something
on the railing...
And naturally, Inu has to come over and check it out:
She was told to "leave it" and that was okay....But one night when she was out there (she is getting to be smarter and smarter; must be from those dog agility classes where they learn to be a "thinking" dog...) she figured out she could put her little nose and paw through the railing - and gee, that white pumpkin was close enough to touch because I had it closer to the railing, and it has a long stem on the top...
I noticed she was spending more time at the railing, heard some rustling, and so came out to investigate.  And guess what I found - some pieces of white lying by the pumpkin, and saw that they were from the pumpkin - there was a hole where some little doggy had chewed....can you see the hole in the pumpkin at the bottom of it here?
Well, that pumpkin got moved and I turned it around so the hole doesn't show!  Wonder how Inu would like having her own real pumpkin?  If we can find white ones....she likes to eat pumpkin but we haven't been able to get any canned or frozen pumpkin here in Arizona.  Guess I could always buy the real thing at the grocery store since they have some now - cut it up, cook it and freeze it for her - Hmm that sounds like a lot of work and I don't like to cook - Gosh the things we do for our furbabies - gotta love them huh?

So this got me in the mood to make a Halloween card - I LOVED this Halloween card that Diana Gibbs made and had to buy the stamp set.  It is Dark and Dreary from Stampin' Up and I am loving chandeliers right now.  I never thought I would spend $$ on a Halloween stamp set....after all, you can only use it once a year, right? 

I didn't have all the same exact supplies to make this card, but close enough to make one similar to it - here is my two variations of it:
I wasn't going to touch that spider stamp though - I HATE spiders, but after looking at it, I got up the nerve to use it - see I stamped it on the green old olive border on the card on the left to make it look more halloweeny.  The cajun craze cardstock is gorgeous with the old olive....I liked the stamp set so much, that I even stamped the inside of the card, as well as the envelope (and I said I never would buy a halloween stamp set....and touched that spider)

I mean I liked this sooo much, that I make up enough for my card swaps and packed them up and will be sending them out to Georgia - here are some more pictures of them:
I used the little black taffeta ribbon, which kinda shiny and has a white edging, and then stamped BOO on the front, instead of the little Boo tag, as I didn't have any of those cute little pins or black lace.  Just look at all those spiders on the inside and envelope....good thing they are just on paper.
So what are you doing to get ready for fall and halloween?  If you would like to make up some halloween cards like this, shoot me an email so I can get the supplies ordered for you, and help you make them up.....  I'm thinking of making our furbaby a Red Riding Hood costume - the white angel costume from last year definitely won't do lol.

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