Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Owl calendar; vintage guess-what-this-is; Teacup dog agility competition

I think I have fallen in love....with this two-step owl punch by Stampin' Up!  Here he is on a magnetic calendar I made at the stamping event I went to in Gilbert, AZ this past weekend.  He is so cute I didn't want to wait until 2011 so put him up on my refrig already - he is the only item on my refrig - has it all to himself...I'll bet there are others out there who are in love with this little owl too! 

Here is something else I made this weekend; here is the front of it - can you tell what it is?
The 4 little black dots on the crown are tiny rhinestones....do you know what it is yet?  Here is another picture
of it, which is the back side of it:
If you still don't know what-this-is, try to imagine it turned to the right and the top flap on a.....page of a book....yes, it is a corner bookmark!  The designer paper used for this bookmark and the owl calendar is one of the new Stampin' Up papers called Loveletters.  I think I would not want to close the book on this, it is so pretty I would leave my book out open to the page with the bookmark on it! 

It was a busy weekend; on Sat. I went to the stamping event all day, then went home and worked on some 4 x 4 little dog cards and matching tags for a fundraising event next weekend...The dog agility site we take our furbaby to is hosting a practice competition and the monies raised will go towards rescuing 5 shelties.  Their owner had a massive heart attack a couple weeks ago and didn't make it.  We will be taking our furbaby to the fundraising practice competition next weekend, and so I made up over 100 little dog cards and tags to donate....My wonderful hubby helped me with them too and we dropped them off tonight....they will be sold for $1 each.  I made about 10 different varieties and used retired stamping products, etc.  I was so tired that I didn't even take pictures of any of them....!!  Yesterday we volunteered all day at the dog agility site for a Teacup dog agility competition....A dog has to be 17" or shorter to enter, and the obstacles and courses are designed for smaller dogs.  Here is a picture of one of the courses the dogs had to run:
That is a teeter in front, with a tunnel behind it, and to the right is the A-frame that the dog goes up one side and down the other.  There is another tunnel to the left and another way in the back.  I got to do all the timing with a stopwatch - each dog in every event, and then report it to the scribe who wrote it down along with the number of faults (mistakes) made, which got turned into the judging team....Here are some of the dogs that were in the Teacup competition, waiting for their turn:

We brought our furbaby, Inu, and her crate, so she could be exposed to everything while in the safety of her crate...We are working with her so she can do this dog agiity competition when they have it in the spring next year.  We all had fun and learned a lot, and the other dog handlers and judging team were great...not to mention the awesome potluck table that we enjoyed!  Gee, I forgot to take a picture of that lol.

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  1. classy bookmark! love to see my 2 fav things on your site - paper crafts & puppies! :)



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