Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Before, during, and after pics of watercolored projects (frame & truck)

When I was picking up in my craft room, I was looking at a couple of the watercoloring projects I did recently, which was the little framed picture and truck card.  Here is what the framed picture looked like when I started - I thought the dog was cute, and since I like dogs, I kept this picture....here is a pic of the start of the picture that will replace the dog - making clouds:
Then I added shadows to the picture with the watercoloring technique:
After watercoloring the pump and wheelbarrow in, I added some highlights and put it in the frame:
But while moving things around in my craft room, and thinking that there was too much white, I played with some marina mist tafetta ribbon, and then tied a little strip of it down the side of the frame:
I think I like this better now, and it will match my craft room, which is being done in white, light blues, lavender....What do you think?  Before or after?

Then I looked at the truck card I had watercolored, which my husband liked too:
I love all the colors, papers, embellishments, and techniques on this card, but when I did the faux stitching around the end, I kinda messed it up - you can see at the top I strayed off the line....so I was thinking, how can I "fix" that?  After playing with some more of the marina mist cardstock, I decided to put another mini layer on the card - thin strips like mini-borders over the stitching - If I had done a good job of the stitching, I would have left it, but since it was my first time doing this much of it, it wasn't that great.  So now here is a pic of the truck card with the thin marina mist borders:
It makes the card look like a totally different card, doesn't it?  And pretty much covers up my messy stitching!!  Which one of these truck cards do you like best?  I am starting to enjoy watercoloring much more now; reminds me of coloring in books, which I love (even now lol!)...These are all current Stamin' Up products (except for the frame).  Freel free to let me know if you would like to order any of the products used to make these projects (mklecuyer@hotmail.com).  Thanks for stopping by!

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