Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Adorable puppy photo card; designer team

Stampin Queens Challenge

I was so excited to be invited to be on my very first design team - the Stampin Queens!  I feel so honored to not only be asked, but excited to be on the team with some other really creative ladies!   And all because I finally got to meet someone whose blog and designs I have been following for about two years....I would have never dreamed that not only would I meet her  IRL in real life, but to have her invite me to be on her design team....!?!  Me?!

This person is Cristena Bagne and I have her tutorial info on the side of my blog.  I swear she must create things up in her sleep - when she sleeps that is!  I want to thank her for making a point of meeting me at the Stampin Up Convention in Salt Lake City that I went to in July...Course I didn't have any one else that I could do stuff with there anyways, and she helped me to learn the ropes as I was a first timer and felt totally overwhelmed. 

I had thought I might someday be on a design team - it looked like so much fun - and I had even applied to a couple, but of course, I never got accepted.  And then Cristena popped the question, so to speak....I sure hope that someday I will get to travel to where she lives (Pullyup, Washington). 

If you are wondering how I first "discovered" Cristena, it was when I first moved to Arizona about 3 years ago.  I wanted to continue making cards, etc. with Stampin' Up products - they are very high quality, and found out about a local all-day stamping event.  So I signed up to go and loved it so much, that I attend the 2 stamping events they host every year.  It was the second one of these events, the Spring  Fling, where I saw Cristena Bagne's butterfly box, and fell in love with it.  Of course, I had to check out Cristena's blog to see more of her projects, and have been following it ever since. The Internet is a wonderful thing. But I never thought I would meet her in person!  I have posted about the butterfly box and the Spring Fling in earlier blog posts, so you might have read about these....

Here is the Stampin Queen's first design sketch challenge that Cristena designed:

I am loving the My Digital Studio by Stampin Up even more now, since I just got a new computer setup; it is lots more fun to play with it, since it runs much faster!  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with this sketch on My Digital Studio....but saw the adorable puppy pictures that Cristena posted recently - her puppy is only 3 months old and weighs just over 2.5 lbs.  Gee, our furbaby was 5 lbs when we got her 3 yrs ago at 7 weeks, and little Austin is half this! 
When Cristena first got Austin, we had just met at the Convention, and talked doggy stuff a lot!  It must have been hard for her to be away from Austin, because he had just been diagnosed with Parvo (a sickness that can kill a dog if not treated early, and even then, the dog may not make it).  But he pulled through - see here are 2 of his recent pics:

How can you resist such a cutie?  Well, I couldn't!  He was perfect to design my first design team card around!  Here is the card I made with his picture using My Digital Studio:

The bright green color on this card are one of Stampin Up's newest colors, Lucky Limeade - isn't that appropriate for Austin?  Yes, he is quite a "gem" too! 
Yup, I am a doggy person now, no doubt about it....
You can see the other design team members' cards using this sketch challenge at:

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  1. I just love that you added a photo of your little puppy as part of the sketch! How creative and what a little cutie! your scrapbook page is awe inspiring! and very beautiful!



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