Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Little white dresser in craft room

This is a little white dresser that I have in my craft room - Since it has glass doors, I put items that I wanted to display in it. Course once they were inside it, even though I could see them, I forgot about them!  It was previously used in the bathroom for towels, etc.

I used this little white dresser to try out my shabby chic painting - see I painted the handles light blue....then painted distressing crackling stuff on it so when I put another layer of white on it, it would crack and look shabby chiclike.  Can you see I didn't even take out the stuff inside it yet?!  Since I am not sure where I want to put those things, I just left
them in it lol.

Here is the little white dresser with the top layer of white paint over the distressing cracking layer - Can see the cracking layering paint on the left side?  The things on the top of the dresser I painted at the same time (they were rusty colored and black)

I think you can see the top of the dresser a little better here where it is crackling.  Think I will sand down the edges of the dresser and knobs a bit so it looks more shabby chiclike...

These are some cute dress hangers I just got - they were black, and that didn't match my room, so they got painted.  When I put them up I think I will put some blue, grey, and yellow ribbons on them. Those are the colors that are in the area rug I got for my room.

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