Thursday, August 11, 2011

A "new" closet for my craft room!

So here is a picture of the closet doors in my craft room....

See how I put a couple wire shelves in it so I could put a bunch of stuff on them??  After showing my husband quite a few pictures of other ladies' craft rooms (hint, hint), he decided to help me get a nice craft room too!  He is pretty handy with building stuff....

Look at these awesome shelves and lighting he made for my closet!!  He even painted them for me....Doesn't this look like something out of a home designer magazine?!  Oooh, I can't wait to put some stuff in all those shelves! 

The lights are on tracks on the top and side of the closet so I can adjust them to shine where ever I want....It looks so beautiful and pristine just like this, I think I will just leave them for now so I can enjoy them
for a bit....and figure out exactly what I want to put on them.

I also got some beautiful tulle curtains from IKEA - although they won't be used as curtains....I am thinking more of using them for draping over the window and scattering some big fluffy pale tissue flowers
on the tulle...

Here are a couple more things I got for my craft room - one of those french bulletin boards with satin ribbon and a little white flowered
globe light (from IKEA). 

1 comment:

  1. BEAUTIFUL! SO envious of your beautiful space! I wish we had an IKEA close here... sadly they don't sell most of their "cool" things on-line.



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