Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My craft room has a new chair

Isn't this chair so elegant and pretty?  Wouldn't it look perfect in my
craft room (the current ongoing project)? 

There's just one problem with's just a miniature version of the chaise lounge chair that was in the movie, Titantic - remember where the girl posed on it for her painting?? 
So it's actually just a  The seat lifts up so you can put things in it too.  I love the little pillows and tassel!

See, here is that beautiful lounge chair next to the elegant shoe that is also a miniature replica so you can see the real size of it!  The oil painting behind it was done by my mother, and I am using it for the blue shades in my room....In Stampin' Up's coloraphy, the blues would be bashful blue and marina mist!
And the chair these things are on was the chair I formerly used at my craft table - I put a satin chair cover on it because it looked much nicer than the underneath!

Here is the chair at my craft table (which is a door!) - see the pretty bow in the back of the chair?  That's why I got it! 
When we went to IKEA I got to pick out a new white chair, with comfortable arms, rolling wheels, and high back....
Here is my new IKEA chair:

Oh wait, let me clean it off so you can see what it looks like! 

It is way more comfy than the other chair - And much better to sit in while I work at any table, so it gets rolled from room to room!  In this picture, it is in the study at my computer desk - it has even been in the living room so I can sit at the table and eat, and watch 
What does your favorite chair look like that you use when
 you are being creative?

P.S. Our furbaby really likes the white chair covers!

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  1. Love the tiny chair! and your slip cover too! I also like seeing images of peoples supplies & things- I recognize I have many of the same. My space is a mess again, time to clean it up! :) -Your Operation Inky Paws Pal, Kathy in Missouri



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