Sunday, August 7, 2011

Before pictures of my craft room

I have been unpacking some more of my boxes with my craft items in can see in these pictures that I really put a lot of them in my room....but my room definitely needs work to reorganize and decorate it.

The big green tubs that hold up my work counter desk have fabric in them.  This chair is not the most comfortable to sit in and work for very long, so will get a new one.

Just been putting more and more into the closet - it needs some shelves!

I had these plastic see-through drawers that I have been using too,
along with baskets - I love baskets.

Decided to go with a shabby chic theme - pale blue, grey, pale yellow, so took off the two tall dresser handles to paint them pale blue, along with some wooden designs.

This is the before picture of one of the tall dressers that I am redecorating.  So I have been painting...

It's good to have "before" pictures and I will be taking and posting more pictures of my craft room as it get worked on.  This way I am committed to getting it done, little by little, since they say if you really want to reach a goal, you have to write it down and plan it out, otherwise it doesn't get done....Guess I am committed now, huh? 

Like I said in a blog post last week, change is coming....for the better!

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