Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's a new year & just getting the hang of it

Wow, another year come and gone - here it is February 2010 already - caught me way off-guard!  And sadly neglecting my poor blog.  When I look at other people's blogs, I feel so guilty that I can't have as attractive one that I would like...  Sure is harder than it looks and makes me appreciate the work and time they have put into their blog.  

I've been working on improving my cardmaking talents through Stampin Up and it is enjoyable - love seeing what others have done and shared.  Makes me want to try a little bit harder and post some of my projects.  I posted some of them on the Stampin Up site and actually got some comments - I was so excited as it was my first time getting any feedback. 

Here's a picture of the distressed ruffled scallop circle flower pin card I got comments on - I like the vintage-type feel of it, which seems to be all the rage now.  Here is how I made them:  Punch 5 scallop circles (I used coordinating colors from SU Patterns Pack III) & distress each on edges with classic ink; then fold/crumple into a ball.  Unfold & crumple again into a ball. Uncrumple and stagger on top of 6th scallop circle. 6th scallop circle was only folded/crumpled once as it will be a stabilizing base.

Put mini-brad through all 6 layers, then dab top of flower in inkpad for distressing markings.  Tie piece of twine, jute, yarn, etc. through button (I used SU designer buttons) and hot glue on top of brad. Hot glue brooch pin to back of flower. Crumple & scrunch flower edges around button one more time for extra ruffles.  Pin flower to card (4 x 4) cut out of bridesmaid specialty paper and punched with lace edge border.

I made these for a swap this week and hope everyone likes them.  Hope you all are staying healthy, safe, and coping with the weather, etc.   Mary L

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