Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dot, dot, who's got the dot? Is it the dog?

I was in a dotty mood this week...a polka dot mood that is, and wanted to make something with polka dots.  Here is what I started with - I covered a plain wooden block with designer papers, then sanded the edges with Stampin' Up's distressing kit.  Used the same designer papers to diecut lots of daisies out because I had in mind to case something I made at the local Spring Fling last year.  And I wanted to give someone a little birthday present.

And here is what I ended up with - it's a photo cube - in bright and cheery colors!  I will share more details and pictures later this week....

And here is my in-house supervisor, our furbaby Inu, curled up on the new recliner that is stuck in the "up" position.  The motor broke so until the part comes in, the recliner is "up...."  I was at the table on the other side of the recliner, and couldn't see her, but I heard all this noise - had to check out what the heck she was doing....I even had time to snap a picture of her because I was taking pictures of my photo cube (before the batteries died).  She thinks this is a good spot in case food happens to show up!  lol

More pictures and details on the photo cube later....:-)

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