Sunday, September 25, 2011

Update on craft room; some favorite projects

Well I finally finished painting the tall big cupboard for my craft room!  I took the painter's tape off it today and stood back and admired it....

When I think back of how it used to look,
kinda orangey colored,
no personality or trim....the cupboard is much happier now!

Now it's all shabby chiclike with fancy painted embossed wallpaper on the front panels, and wooden scrolls...I even put the last coat on a couple other things I was recycling for my craft room - see them on the top of the cupboards?

Now they all match the future I may put on new handles and distress the edges - when I get tired of just the white.  Next step is to move things around in my craft room and get the rest of the shelves, cupboards and work counter in.  I was going through the IKEA catalog last night to get some ideas!

I was playing around on the pretty white shelves in my closet that my husband made for me - they are great for a "white box" for taking pictures and shadows....I picked out a few of my recently made favorite cards and projects and arranged them on one of the shelves and
took some pictures.

Yes those are Christmas items!  Once Halloween is here, it goes really fast to Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and gee, another new year.

Isn't that cute how the big and little stockings match?  And the blue on the little wooden house, girl with dog card, blue Christmas card, and petite pocket match my craft room colors!  That's why I arranged them all together!!

I moved everything around just a little bit to get a different shadow effect in the background...kinda hate to fill up one of the closet shelves with anything - it makes such a great photo nook.

Well off to watch one of my favorite tv show series, Breaking Bad - only 2 more episodes left in this season; then it's totally all done forever.  Thanks for stopping by!!

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