Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cookie box and cupcake card for birthday

One of the girls I work with had a birthday so I went through my cards I've made recently to find one we could sign and give her.  This card uses Stampin' Up's cupcake punch and matching stamp set and I thought giving her a cupcake to match would be fun. 

I even had a cute cupcake box I had made and changed it up by adding the ribbon handle instead of the box top, so I could make sure there was enough room for the cupcake....

As you can see, however, I decided to make chocolate chip cookies, because I could put more than one inside the box - isn't that better than just one cupcake?!

I counted out 6 cookies to put inside a ziploc baggie to go inside the box, but when I put the bag inside the box, I could see more than
6 cookies would fit.

 So Leah ended up with 8 cookies!   The card's greeting says, "It's not how many candles you blow out, but how many cupcakes you get." If that is true, just one cupcake wasn't going to cut it.

Maybe I should have crossed out the word, "cupcakes," and wrote "cookies!!"  They were yummy cookies; I made enough so my husband and I enjoyed sampling them for a couple days lol.

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