Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our furbaby's daily dog walk routine

Time to take our furbaby, Inu, for one of her daily walks (she averages 3 a day!).  Oh yes, she is anxious to get out and see if she can find something interesting.

Gee whiz, Inu, can't we at least get to the end of our sidewalk?  No, she has to look into the dryer vent just in case there is some little critter hiding up there....there has been a recent influx of baby bunnies around lately, so maybe we can find one to play with....

After taking a good long look and sniff, with nothing turning up (or down?), Inu is ready to get going.

We get down the sidewalk and around the corner to a neighbors....
Hey Mom, there is a hole over here in this corner - I gotta check it out!!

It smells like rabbit....

Maybe the rabbit went over here in this bush by the hole....
See Inu's tail in the bush?!

No, Inu thinks the rabbit(s) went down this away - it looks like
a pretty big hole...after all, Alice went down a big rabbit hole!!

Hey maybe this hole is really a tunnel that goes all the way down and under the cement pad....Inu has to spend 10 minutes checking this out!  Finally we get back to our walk.

So we get down and around the next corner...Looks like Inu has found another scent to check out!

She dives right into the bushes back into another corner.

Inu checks out this corner and bush thoroughly...!

Oh wait, here is a spot back here I missed!!

Come on Inu, there's nothing there -  Finally she is convinced, and we finish up our walk and do what we really came out to do lol!  These are just a few of the usual spots we have to explore 2 or 3 times a day and only go around the block!!  At least they are mostly in the shade, as it's still up to 100 degrees some days for a little longer. 

When it gets cooler we will have some new spots to check out...

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