Friday, September 2, 2011

Our furbaby's first agility competition ribbons!! Way to go Inu

Lookie here what our furbaby received the weekend before's her first two ribbons won in a dog agility competition!  Yay, she got through both courses with no disqualifications, and got a red second place and yellow third place! 

Gee, I think my husband and I liked them more than she did lol.

You can see her little nose sleeping on her soft bed in her crate - she loves her psuedo-doggy den.

Not only does she have 2 thick cushiony blankets on the bottom, but the grey blanket underneath her feels like fleecy mink - she loves this blankie.  However, when she wants out, she lets us know - rattles the door lol.

She must be really tired - sleeping on her back up against her crate door.  Dogs are so cute and innocent looking when they sleep....Here are a few more of Inu's favorite sleeping spots:

She looks like a lady of leisure here!

Those padded chair cushions are real nice and soft too...gee, I was sitting here working on the laptop and when I came back, Inu was keeping my chair warm for me!

The skirt around this chair makes a nifty doggy den too!!

Just hanging around, waiting to take advantage of opportunities!  We love our little furbaby... So do you have anything planned for the holiday weekend?  Since it has been over 110 degrees here for the past several weeks, anything we do will involve someplace cool!

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