Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cracking my repainted dresser for my craft room

This past weekend I worked on the dresser I am redoing for my craft room...After putting the first coat of white paint on it, I put a coat of Valspar Weathered Crackle Glaze on it.

You can see in the picture how the dresser looks a little shiny from the crackle glaze.  I also found a couple more things I decided to use the crackle glaze on to see how they would turn out.  There's a yellow and blue money box, a basket, 2 bookends, a little bear box, and a wooden mailbox holder.

If I had planned it better, I would have remembered that painting on metal items usually needs some roughing up with sandpaper....that blue and yellow money box is shiny metal but it did have wavy
grooves all over it.... 

Okay, now all the items have a coat of the weathered crackle glaze on them, and it says you have to let it dry at least one hour - then apply
the top coat within 1 - 4 hours.
I waited 2.5 hours and then applied my satin finish white paint trying to do what the crackle said to do, "apply a flat latex
application in a single direction works best." 
Oh, gee I didn't use flat latex; my paint was satin finish....

That was the hardest part, only applying one layer of paint in one direction!  As I was painting, I was thinking, "oh did I not do it right and it will look awful?" I'm glad I practiced on the little white cupboard first!

Now here is the dresser with both the crackle and white paint over it.

Yes, I can see how the paint crackled and got shabby chic-looking.
As it dried, it looked better and better!

Here are a few more pictures from different angles so you can see
the crackling effect better.

What is nice about using the crackle glaze is that you don't have white paint flaking off, like you would with something that was really old.

I really like how the paintable wallpaper looks on the door front - it took the paint nicely. Since I have quite a bit left on the roll, I will have to find a few more places I can put it in my craft room.

Here is what the wooden mailbox looks like - I had spray painted light blue on first and you can see how it shows through the crackles. 
It looks very shabby chic-like!

Doesn't that wooden scrolly trim I put on the front of the
door look pretty?  Every time I was in the hardware store, I would see those unfinished wooden embellishments and think, I will have to use them sometime - this was the perfect opportunity!

I put the painted mailbox, bear box, and bookends on one of the shelves in my new closet - I discovered that with the track lighting in the closet shining on the new white shelves, it sets up for a great picture taking background, don't you think?  I love the shadows it gives the photo.

Now I just have to put one more coat of white paint on the dresser and the metal money box - that looks sloppy right now because the surface was a little slippery, so some of the paint slipped around on the surface.  Maybe one more coat will make it looks better! 
Guess what I will be doing this weekend...!

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