Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another day in the life of our furbaby-visiting a mother-to-be

This weekend we took a 2-hour trip up north with our furbaby, Inu, to visit with Tootsi, at Dog Days in the park, put on by the Aussie Rescue Friends.  It was about 10 degrees cooler here so only about 89 degrees.  When you have 110-120 degree days, 89 degrees feels real nice!

What a sweetie Tootsi is....she is expecting puppies soon, maybe 2 weeks.  We visited with her last month and could see that she definitely is a little rounder and heavier.  Even her fur has gotten longer, now that she is being well-fed - hey isn't that what happens to us humans when we have a baby??  Here is Tootsi's picture from last month's visit and you can see she has a waist in this pic:

Aren't her eyes pretty? Yep, there is one light blue eye and one golden brown - that's the trait of a merle Australian Shephard dog - Tootsi is a "red" mini-Aussie so she is about 16.5" high and 20 lbs here.  Just a tad smaller than Inu.  Here are some pictures of Inu's visit with Tootsi:

Inu tells me that Tootsi has put on weight since she saw her last - what's with that?  Does she get more food than me??! 

Inu checks this out more - I swear she just knew that Tootsi was special, and so she decided she was okay with it all.  Good thing, because we will be bringing Tootsi home to live with Inu after the puppies are weaned and she is spayed.

So it was okay for Tootsi to look around for some extra food for those 4 puppies she will have - they will be half mini-Aussie and half Corgi.  She has a history already - the owner turned her in and seemed they forgot to tell the Rescue that she was pregnant.  So when she was at the vets to be spayed, the vet actually started the surgery and that's how the Rescue found out she had 4 puppies inside her. 
So that is Tootsi's priority now.

I'm glad we brought some little beef jerky treats to share
with Tootsi and Inu...

There was even a little dog agility course set up outside, so of course, we had to try Inu on was her first time doing any agility course outside - usually she is inside with special anti-fatigue matting and the distractions there she is used to.  Inu went over the dog walk fine - yay!

So we head over to the teeter....

But Inu decides she is not going to do her "down" at the end of the teeter - you can't fool me into doing this agility course - where are my reward treats??!!

This is what Inu used to do before we found what "motivated" her - but we didn't bring it today, so she is not going to do anymore than she has to.  And besides, it is hot here in the sun... Guess we need to work on outside agility courses!!

At this Dog Days they had brought some of the dogs that were available for adoption - here are some pics of them:

Aren't they all so adoptably cute?  I would take them all if I could, but realistically, 2 will be the most we can handle in a couple months when Tootsi joins our family.

Yep, it looks like Inu accepts Tootsi.

Don't they make a cute pair of siblings?  Two red dogs...

It was a good doggy day...

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