Friday, July 2, 2010

Yay - the new Stampin' Up catalogs are officially here-new colors, products-fun, fun, fun!

Woot - we can now share Stampin' Up's new catalogs with the world - Just posted links on the left side so you can check them out....they are awesome - I don't know where to start with my wish list!!  Check them out and let me know what you gotta have - I will be super glad to get it for you!  Probably have to get some more things for myself then too lol. 

I have been getting some items to set up and decorate my craft room with, in the shabby chic theme....I will take Before and After pictures and post know the saying that writing down a plan is what will make it happen - the more unpacking I do, the messier it gets....And a nosy little dog poking into stuff I leave on the floor.  She especially loves chewing on paper and has discovered that she can check out what is on shelves by standing on her hind feet, maybe finding something to sneak off with.  Just like a little kid - when she is off somewhere too quiet, it means she got into something....See in this picture, what I mean?!  She got this out of one of the little waste baskets!  Anything in waste baskets she has to check out....then we play run and catch!

But Inu behaves well and when we tell her to Drop It! she will do it, reluctantly....then we have to say Leave It! right away, or she is quick to get it again!  Inu can even run with 2 toilet paper rolls in her mouth, wow!  Now that's a real prize for her....we love our furbaby and her antics...
Off to take pictures of my messy Before room!  Have fun with the new catalogs!! 

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