Monday, July 5, 2010

Shabby Chic Card; craft room items; haircut; dog living room


I took some pictures of the 2 cards and the inside of one that I posted yesterday, so maybe you can get an idea of how I tried to make it shabby chic/vintagey.  Lacing the pearl strings in and out of the thread on the gathered butterfly ribbon was time-consuming, but I think it looks great.  The flowers were from a batch of white flowers from the wedding section, and I pulled them apart so ended up with a lot more to play with!  And the little leaves behind the flower are real leaves - our furbaby brought them in to add to my stash I was working with and since I found them on the floor. I thought they came with the embellies kit....but I found some more outside, so now I know they didn't, plus they smelled nice....I mailed the cards out with blister wrap around them - wonder how they will go through the mail....

Also wanted to share a couple of the things I got recently that will be used in organizing and decorating my shabby chic craft room that I'm working on....I got these cream colored velvet items (sofa, shoe candle, frame) and floral desk hardware at the Titantic exhibit store we visited in Branson, MO recently.  The little couch lifts up to reveal a jewelry box inside...And the painting behind it my mother did and gave to me.

I like collecting pretty different shaped pincushions which you can see in this pic.

A white floral soft light and french bulletin board too...and look at what I got at IKEA - I can do a lot with these tulle curtain panels and they were less than $10 for all of these!

Also got a haircut which was way overdue, but I just found a hairdresser in our area that I really like - it's always hard to find one that you want to keep going to when you move you know!  Doesn't my hair look awesome?  I don't know that I will be able to do this on my own though - not good with styling hair....but boy do you feel GOOD after someone does your hair! 
Here is a picture of my trying to take a picture of myself to show you my hair in the front...

And here are some new additions to our living room....
That is our furbaby, Inu on the left....These items are dog agility equipment!  A hoop jump, standing portable jump in the back behind her, a wobble board standing up against the wall in the back right, and a set of 12 weave poles....Inu is learning to do weave poles so we got a set to practice with - it is too hot outside right now, so we put them diagonally in our living room!  Right now they are "open" so she learns proper footwork and to go through them, but soon we will start closing them up a little, and she has to start weaving between them....Here are some "obstacles" on the course....
No, we don't have 2 more dogs - they look lifelike though, don't they?  They are big stuffed dogs, but Inu lets them know she is the alpha dog lol!  Here is Inu, the alpha dog, scouting for bunnies outside:
Look at her tail wagging....she must see something outside that looks interesting....Hope you have a great Fourth of July holiday and weekend....!


  1. Mary, your blog is beautiful! Love your stuff!

  2. cool, an agility living room! I'd love to get my dog to try this, but we'll have to stick with him just running through empty boxes at our house! :)

  3. Hey there, just dropping in to tell you that I LOVE your hair cut!

  4. Cool toys for mom and Inu too! Not many doggy mom's who let the dogs (alive or otherwise) have the living room! Bet she's a happy pup! Looks like a sweet painting your Mom gave you and nice to have something so special to share space with all the other items that will really pretty up the room.



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