Saturday, July 3, 2010

2 swap cards done, despite my messy craft room that's in progress...

I was up late last night finishing up 2 cards for a swap that I was suppose to mail out by the waylaid with all the mail from vacation, the new Stampin' Up catalogs, planning for organizing and decorating my craft room.  But mostly trying to decide what I wanted to put on the 2 cards....Since I had just got a Victorian embellishments kit from Hearts in Touch, I combined some of the items in it along with Stampin' Up, and other things I had from I don't remember where....I am such a packrat and hate to throw away something that I might be able to use....hence the pearls and flowers on these cards.  You know, you hand onto stuff and finally decide to get rid of it, and then right after, you find a need for it, but it's gone....

Here's a picture of some of the stuff that was in this embellishment kit that you can get from their website too:
I wasn't the only one who liked the things in this kit - When I opened it, I spread the items all around on my table and some of them were chipboard stars, etc.  While I was busy working on the cards, our furbaby Inu who has been learning to use her hind legs to stand on and check things out, did that.  She was super quick, and I heard her behind me, making chewy-type noises....Checked it out and she had one of the chipboard stars and had chewed one of the points off....and it was the biggest star too....Guess that will teach me to not leave things unattended, so I gathered up loose stuff on my table and put it into those cardboard boxes that are on the bottom of water bottle sets.  They are great for putting projects into, easy to stack, lightweight, and best of all, free! 
BTW, the pic of the cards was a scanned one on my computer - I took some pics of the cards with my cell phone, and if they came out okay, I will post them so you can see a better pic of the details....
So what are your plans for 4th of July?  We will be going to a private dog agility class to work on weaves with our furbaby! 

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  1. i have enjoyed reading thank for sharing your story Greeting.



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