Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chocolate smelly card; doggy bags and cards

Well, I said I would let you know if the chocolate embossed birthday card I made and sent in the mail to my son survived, odorwise....And I was glad to hear that it did!!  I had to use up the chocolate embossing powder that I had leftover in my embossing powder box since I forgot to pour it back in the container...so it got mixed with some clear embossing powder I used on this dog card....It was for a dog club group meetup at the training site we take dog agility classes at - Top Notch Canines in Phoenix, AZ, and everyone who attended received one of these doggy bags, and one of the dog cards shown above....So I used half and half - regular unscented and chocolate scented embossing powders.  And it still smelled like chocolate - not as strong though.  The dog on the front of the doggy bag was a Sizzix diecut I've had and been dying to use....I took pictures of the other items in the doggy bag along with more pictures of the cards, etc.  But I can't get the pics off my picture card since the computer adapter for it is now broken....So I will have to get either a new one, or a cord to upload the pics from my cell photo card to my computer - there are almost 90 pictures on it that I want to get off!  So I will share some more of the project and meetup when I am able to get the pictures.  But here is another picture that I scanned of another one of the doggy bags and similar card:

I wonder if anyone noticed that the dog cards smelled good?  Give a hug to your furbaby today! 

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  1. thank you so much for visiting my blog... and getting the pattern for your friend!!!! =)

    I love your cards!!!!



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