Thursday, July 15, 2010

Masculine Birthday Pocketcard-chocolate flavored! Yummy

Remember the scratch and sniff cards you liked when you were a kid?  Those were the most fun, weren't they?  I was up late making a masculine birthday card for my son, playing with the clear acrylic stamps and blocks I've been collecting....lots of dog stamps from different places, since I'm a dog lover now.  I assembled this doggy pic to put on the front of the envelope card (more on this in a bit), trying different embossing powders on glossy cardstock, when I remembered I had some scented embossing powders from Cornish Heritage Farms, so I dug them out.  I had some chocolate brown scented embossing powder and it really did smell yummy like chocolate in the little jar!! But would it hold up that scent after embossing and on the card?!  Mythbuster (in theory!) to the rescue! 
Yes, it smelled like chocolate while embossing!
Yes, it still smelled like chocolate after embossing!
Yes, it even still smelled like chocolate after sitting for a while!
Will it still smell like chocolate after mailing?  Tune in for future posts to find out...!  Actually I won't even know until my son gets his card in the mail, which is bubble wrapped, and tells me yes or no, he could smell the chocolate....wonder if you have to scratch it to activate the smell?
What do you think - will it still smell or not?  Yes?  No? 
I THINK it should still smell, and may be be very noticeable since I bubble wrapped it, at least for a while until after it's been exposed to air....Has anyone else had any experience with scented embossing powders?

More about the actual card....I used retired Stampin' Up papers for the envelope and card - Used this pattern template, only enlarged it a bit, but it still fit into a letter envelope - it's called a Pocketcard:
There are two parts to this project - the pocket, and the card that goes inside, which I made longer so I could fold it in half, put a tab on top to pull it in and out of the pocket, and wrote a note on white paper that I put in-between the 2 layers.  I creased the card along the top back so it would stand up for a little picture and distressed it to make it look shabby chic/vintage:

Here's a picture of the back of the card and pocket folded and glued:

Here are the fronts of the pocket and card together:

Here are 2 views of the card inside the pocket (I have no idea whose picture is on the card lol!)
I also embossed the coppery cardstock that is behind the chocolate dog picture with Stampin' Up's new square lattice folder.  So this project was an eclectic mix of retired and new Stampin' Up and other items I had collected from somewhere else...While I am unpacking and organizing my craft items, I will be putting aside some stuff to sell at our neighborhood craft fair in October. I had done that with my clothes when we moved here, along with other household things, and we ended up taking 33 of those big black plastic bags to Goodwill - yeah, 33 bags!
I will be very interested to hear from my son on the chocolate dog - wouldn't that be great on an Easter card for a chocolate bunny?  Keep it on your desk for when you have to have some chocolate lol!!  No calories either!


  1. chocolate card would have been just right for my brother- he's a chocoholic. Like this pocket card idea, too!



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