Sunday, June 27, 2010

The only time "Housework" comes before "Stamping" is in the dictionary! Ruffled skirts and Santa Fe trip

These colors will be leaving....   :-(    Oh my it's been a whole week since I posted...getting back from a long vacation takes another vacation to get caught up, and that's what I've been doing - does thinking about stamping, etc. count?!  I received a super nice email from another stamper in Australia who I sent the skirt card info to....she immediately made up two adorable skirt cards and shared them with me....her motto is the title of today's post!  LOL.  Here is my version of the skirt cards that I posted in an earlier post (which are cased from Paper Crafters Samplers March 2010 issue):


Here are her 2 versions of them - don't you just love the ruffles, flowers, and pleats at the bottom??! 
I bet her cards will be a hit at the swaps she will be doing!  Thanks Ingrid, for sharing these, and for the quote about housework and stamping!! 

I will be getting the new Stampin' Up catalog this week and I can't wait to see what new stuff they have, since I have been seeing previews and sneak peeks of products made with the new Stampin' Up from other demonstrators....I can imagine my wish list will be rather long!  Are any of you going to see Eclipse that comes out on June 30th? (Team Edward or Team Jacob?!)  And look here, what we got in Santa Fe, NM - kinda matching copper and silver bracelets...copper is suppose to have medicinal properties you know....if you have anything to say about that, I would love to hear about it...copper on your skin can sometimes leave a greenish halo I noticed!

Can you see the cover on the steering wheel behind our bracelets?  We got that in Santa Fe too.  I love this decoration they put on the ladies' restroom at this beautiful indoor shopping mall (a mini-flamenco dancer), the water faucet, and this picture they had inside this mall - this mall is set up like a museum!

Here's the beautiful sunset at the restaurant we went to in Santa Fe:
The food was excellent at this restaurant - they make everything there and you know the herbs are fresh when you see their herb garden outside by the parking lot!!

There was a park in Santa Fe called the Frank S. Ortiz Park that has an off-leash dog area that is an enormous chaparral and dirt trails looping about everywhere with junipers, birds, a few surviving piƱons, and of course, dogs and dog owners - an awesome doggy paradise!  Here is a link to an article about what it's like at this dog park  We were lucky to get to it just as the sun was setting and walked around one of the trails with our flashlight, meeting and greeting other friendly owners and dogs.

Last but not least, like most KOA campgrounds, we had to check out their enclosed doggy park with our furbaby:
Oh yes, we will definitely be going back to Santa Fe again!


  1. Love the heading, too! Afraid "chores" often get in the way of stamping at my house... darn it! :)

  2. I am a "Team Edward" here! The skirt cards are adorable - but I really love seeing your photos of the "little details" - - glad I am not the only one who takes her camera EVERYWHERE - even the Ladie's Room - loL!!

  3. Your skirt cards are fab and the array of colours are dazzling..Lynn :)



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