Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A dog's point of view on the RV trip

Our furbaby Inu has been having some new adventures on our RV trip....The KOA campgrounds we usually stay at have added new dog areas, so  she has been checking them out.  Here are some pictures of her experiences at them - Guess where this KOA was?  Here she is learning to play checkers lol.

Now remember Inu LOVES bunnies, but since they are far and few on the trip, she discovered chipmunks and squirrels.  But this chipmunk was a little scary...

Inu encountered her first rocking horse - wasn't quite sure if it was alive or not, since I would touch it with my foot and it would move!

Here are some pics of Inu checking out the dogs parks at the KOA campgrounds...  She knew exactly what to do on the mini-dog agility stuff as she is used to full-sized obstacles....

Inu tries to tell us she's ready to go back  into the RV!

                                                She got to spend some good times with her big "brother" - isn't this a cool pic of them?

                                                                                             And we all went to Hubble Lighthouse in Maine:

Alas, there were no bunnies, squirrels, or chipmunks in the dog parks or at the beaches!   I will post more pics later of Inu visiting her doggy cousins....

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