Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Projects made during RV trip; Furbaby's first beach

We're still on the road and since I brought along some of my cardmaking items, I was able to keep on craftin'....Using brown bag wrapping on gifts, I used my stamps to decorate them, and make a matching birthday card.  Can you tell they are for my father for father's day and his birthday the following month?

I used brown ink to distress the card to match the brown bag wrapping paper....

Our furbaby has been fussed over by everyone, and is getting totally spoiled with all the attention and petting she has gotten!  I think her most exciting adventure so far has been her first time on a beach - even tasted the seaweed on the beach and dug a few holes in all this dirt - she pranced in the sand and climbed the rocks.  We could hardly keep up with her!  Here are some pics of her enjoying the Atlantic Ocean in NH and Maine.

She didn't care for the taste of the seaweed!  We celebrated her 2nd birthday too.  Hope you all had fun with graduations and the long holiday weekend.

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  1. I love your pup as the "lifeguard on duty!" So cute! :)



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