Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A paper bag purse to match the flower pin card

I am finding I really like the shabby chic themes – when I first learned about it from a TV decorating show and book, I didn’t care for it at all….but now I am loving it – it can be used anywhere and in anything! And mostly I like that it is inexpensive lol!! I had a tutorial on making a paper bag purse (http://inkingidaho.blogspot.com/) and since I absolutely LOVE purses, and had all the red and white items out, I discovered my paper bag purse matched the red, white, and navy flower pin card I made and just posted – see here is the paper bag purse (shabby chic) and flower pin card (vintage):


Isn’t it great when you find you accidentally make things to match?! If you look real close at the red and floral paper in this paper bag purse, you can see the glitter – the paper came that way so it saved me some messy glitter work. I just bought a spray can of glitter but haven’t tried it out yet. If you have used the spray can glitter and have a minute to post, I would appreciate hearing what your experience has been with it – thanks!

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