Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A different color combo for shabby chic/vintage -- 2 flower pins

I’ve been designing some projects for a challenge that uses a vintage teapot for the design inspiration – in researching to learn more about shabby chic and vintage, I read that the usual colors for these themes are white, bleached colors, faded and/or soft, pastel colors. The vintage teapot for this challenge, however, is cream/white with red edging – here is a picture of it

My 2 previous posts feature red and white/cream colors. Since I had quite a few red and cream/white items that I bought, had, or made, I had lots of fun designing and making projects with the shabby chic/vintage style….Here is yet another one! These are two distressed ruffled flower pins – here’s a pic of the flower pins before I added embellishments – I made one of them mostly white/cream and the other mostly red. Can you see the cute button on the red flower that has white edging on it?

Here are the pieces I used for the red flower, and the pieces for the white flower – I did lots of distressing/edging, crumpling, swishing, dabbing, more crumpling, wadding, rolling into little balls, to get that wrinkly faded look!


Then I used red ribbon for the red flower and white on the white flower, and gathered up tulle to put behind each, and then a ton of sticky glue to make it all stick – the pin is hot glued on the back. The final touch was to put a real stick pin with a pearl on it on the front.

Two things I learned in doing these projects, was that the color of my background makes a big difference in how the picture turned out – see the difference between the blue background and the black? I usually use white or off-white, but thought the projects would fade into the white background, so tried out different background colors….I have seen where other crafters use really pretty setups for their pictures and a variety of lighting, so I will work on doing that since it adds a lot – presentation is a huge part….And the biggest thing I learned was that I need to get a better camera! A lot of the details in the projects just don’t turn out well with what I am using right now….grrr. Have to save my pennies to get one soon. My son has a super good camera so I will have to ask his advice!

So which flower pin do you like best?  I appreciate any comments or feedback!!

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