Sunday, June 6, 2010

What can you do with a clothespin? You won't believe this...!

After my husband so kindly spray painted all the clothespins for me in white, black, and red, I had to do something with them....he did such a great job....I had brought along a book on our RV trip that had lots of punch-out flowers in it - got it on sale a while back at one of the local craft stores, so played with them, punching them out, and mixing and matching them.  I actually amazed myself with what I came up with - see what you can do a plain ordinary wooden clothespin:



Since they have a tie at the top, you can hang them up and use the clothespin underneath to clip something with it - here I clipped my grocery list, but you could clip a picture, etc.  This is one of the flower clothespins by itself - the clothespin is black so I edged the flower in black.  Here is the pale pink flower before I put glitter on it:

It is pretty with the little bow at the top and ribbon ties at the bottom, but I thought it needed some bling, and here it is after I applied glitter to the flower, dragonfly and ribbon - I think it looks a lot better....besides I love glitter!!

Isn't it surprising how much a little bit of glitter can add?  Here are the flower pieces for the pink and aqua flower - I edged them in pink and curled the petal edges with my bone folder - it definitely adds more dimension.
  I also used my metallic gel pens to draw lines, color in the butterfly body - added more sparkle!
I laced the ribbon ties through the clothespin and glued the top of it down to the clothespin, then laced the top tie through the clothespin and tied it in a knot (on this flower I tied a knot, for the pink flower I tied a little bow, and on the purple flower I arranged the knot so it was under the flower and didn't show).  Here are the ties on the pink/aqua flower, and the back of the other flower clothespins:

To make sure I glued the flower in the right placement on the clothespin, I lightly marked the back of the flower so I could put the double stick tape in the right place.  I also put double stick/tacky tape on the clothespin so it would stick really really well.

One flower clothespin is pretty, but I usually go a little overboard, so ended up with three....!
Course, if you don't have anyplace to hang them, you could always clip them to something, or even use them as a bookmark, or on a present. Since I have several Stampin' Up! flower punches which are back at our house, I will have to try making my hanging flower clothespin clips with them and use their cardstock and designer paper....The new catalog comes out on July 1st so it will be fun to try making these with some of the new colors.  Can never have too many flowers, especially low-maintenance ones!  Hope you enjoyed my flowers...If you have any questions about these, feel free to email me.



  1. Something tells me you had a good time with this.
    I think I just might delved into clothespin fouwers.Thanks
    Sharon L

  2. Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog, and check out the clothespin flowers - I have gotten other great suggestions on how to use them - put magnets on the back, on presents...I am still having fun with them!



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