Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Last project for red and white shabby chic/vintage – are you sick of it yet?!

Okay, one more project for the red/white shabby chic/vintage designs….since I adore the white bride designer paper by Stampin’ Up, I used it to make a gift pillow box (aka Puffy box) – for a Christmas present (it's not too early to start, right?!) I embellished the pillow box with a belly band from red designer paper with fuzzy velvet decorations on it, along with silver, which I thought added to the sheen of the designs in the white box. Even though the color scheme is simple here, using textures and papers with shine, really blends well and has an elegant shabby chic/vintage feel.

To give you an idea of the size of this puffy pillow box, here it is with the necklace I made to go into it (aka Potato jewelry) - With a little tissue paper, it fit perfectly (and continues with the vintage/shabby chic theme....you can put a little picture or something into the locket that opens up)

You might be glad to hear this is my last project for the red/white shabby chic/vintage theme (!) ….hmmm, I think I want to decorate my craft room in shabby chic/vintage. Maybe cream, baby blue, lilac….throw in a little green?  We went to the Titantic exhibit today in Branson, and I got a cream colored vintage mini-loveseat pincushion, shoe, and picture frame for my room - cute, cute, and cute! And when we get back from our trip, I will have to finish unpacking my crafting stuff, now that I know what I want for my craft room/sewing/spare guest room theme!  Thanks for looking at all these projects – would love to hear what your comments are!

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  1. I love the packaging! I'm not tired of shabby chic. Did you see new Love Letter DSP in upcoming SU catty? Think I'll need to get that & make shabby chic item for Op. Inky Paws swap!



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