Monday, February 14, 2011

Shabby chic room in pink and brown-I want it!

Chandeliers and more!!
I went to check out a different beauty salon, and when I walked in the door I was totally awed by its decorations.! was all shabby chic, which I LOVE....It was so nicely done that I felt like I was transformed to a different place!!
This is my vision of what I want my craft and sewing room to feel like - that you are in a special space and transported to a "dream!" After I got over having my breath taken away, the lady I met with allowed me to take pictures of her room with my cell phone. And she told me how she put together her room decorations in pinks and browns.
So I have to share that with you - even though the photo quality is only as good as the cell phone camera, I think you can see why I fell in love with it - my inspiration to keep on working on this theme for my own creative space is greatly inspired!

The chandelier was decorated with mini-shades, feathers, and hung with beads!  When I saw this picture on her wall, I had to ask her if I could touch it!  She told me she had dipped plastic flowers in plaster, and attached it to a canvas covered with paint and looked like a very expensive picture!!

 These is the cute business card holder she decorated - a pair of cream colored shoes, a mini-tiara, silk flower with bling, and a lipstick pen....

Up on her shelf she had some more beautiful pink and brown shabby chic items she had put together.

And she hung two wire chairs and and old book from the ceiling with picture hanging wire.  You can also see the tops of 2 other pictures on her wall - the one on the right was a chandelier picture that she had hung lots of blingey earrings on.  The one on the right had keys and crowns in it.  Yeah, I should have gotten full pics of those....

Here is the dresser she decorated for her room - and a pretty pink shabby chic box is to the right of it.  I would have liked to have taken many more pictures, but I didn't want to seem pushy - I was asking lots of questions too!

Even the bathroom was decorated in shabby chic - I took some pictures of the wall hanging and other dresser!  Look at how cool the wall is too....


I love how she used the tall ceilings and wall moldings - and see what is on the top of her cabinets?  A ballerina dress, fancy slippers, mirror, flowers, and a gorgeous purse!! 
Can you imagine coming to work every day to a room like this?  I need to work more on getting my craft/sewing room done! 

So what is your daily space theme decorated in?Thanks for stopping in! 
And Happy Valentines Day too!! 

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