Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pompom girl cards, or cutting up the pompom trim

I made these cards to swap at the Spring Fling I went to last weekend - I am calling them my pompom girls! When I first laid eyes on Stampin' Up's new pompom trim, I knew I wanted to cut some of those cute pompoms apart and use them!

See how cute and fluffy they can be on a card? 

I used the melon mambo and daffodil pompom trim.
Here is a before and after pompoms picture.

The picture on the left is a scanned closeup of the pompoms on the card....

The mini-glue dots were just the right size for the pompoms.
You can use one or two of them...

Carefully cut a pompom off the trim, making sure you cut the edging trim between the pompoms; use your snips.  Here are some pompoms cut off, but now you have to trim the edging that is left because it is just a little too thick for a cut little fluffy pompom.

See I just barely cut off a little bit of edging?  You will want to leave some edging on because that is where the rest of the stitching is that holds the little pompom fluff together!

Here are some pompoms that were cut right, and some that weren't so great....they fell apart!

If you cut too close to the pompom's fluffy stitching, it will come apart in a fluffy mess....good thing there are lots of pompoms in this trim!
After a few that you cut too close, you will know just where you can cut, so practice helps!!

These pompoms are ready to be adhered to the card and the mini-glue dots are in place on the card....
I flattened them a little so they looked fluffier.

Put the pompom on the glue dot and hold it down, and carefully push in those little ends that stick out, while maintaining the pompom's roundness.

You can practice cutting your pompoms and stockpiling them while you are watching t.v. lol!

Now if it didn't take so long to get the little pompom just right, and I didn't have to make 30 of the cards, I would have put more pompoms on! Wouldn't a whole bouquet of them look cute?  Or as bodies of little birds, little clouds, cotton candy....I bet you can think of other ways to use your pompoms now, right?

The Stampin' Up products used are from the current Idea Book, mini-occasions, and saleabration catalog - I love the frame diecut here and the tulip embossing folder. 
Go play with your pompoms! 
There are still the tangerine pompoms I will have to play with....

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